Why Get an Auto Loan Quote Before Visiting the Dealer?

Would you go to the grocer without money and coupons in your pockets? Neither would I. But that's what most people do when they go to the dealership to purchase a vehicle!

Let's continue to use the grocery store analogy for a moment. You've filled your cart, you're at the check out and your bill comes to a whopping $400 dollars. But, ah ha! You realized that you have coupons that you clipped totaling 25% in savings. That's $100 off your bill! But here's the catch. You left the coupons on the kitchen table. Do you think the check out person is going to trust you to go home and bring back the $100 dollars in coupons? You know the answer.

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So why would anyone go into a dealership to buy a car without their coupons? And we're not talking $400 dollars. We could be talking about $4,000.00 to $40,000.00 thousand dollars depending on the vehicle. But the reality is that most people put more planning into going to the grocery store!

Before you make your next vehicle purchase make sure that you have all your coupons. And by coupons I mean know your interest rate and the amount of months to pay back your loan. Knowing these two things can save you over $4,000.00 on a 48 month auto. Here's how:

Two people go into the same dealership to purchase a $20,000 vehicle using the same buying terms EXCEPT the interest rates are different.

Buyer 1 comes in pre-qualified for a 4% rate, puts $1,000 dollars down and has a 48 month payment of $429. She pays a total of $20,592 for a 48 month loan.

Buyer 2 comes in submits an application at the dealership, he puts $1,000 dollars down and has a 48 month payment of $528.78. He pays a total of $25,381.44 for a 48 month loan. His interest rate is a whopping 15%! And he paid $4,789.00 dollars more for the exact same vehicle!

This happens everyday at dealerships across the nation. Now granted, interest rate is based upon credit. So the person that pays 15% may be getting the best rate based upon his or her credit and other factors. But wouldn't you like to know that before entering a dealership?

All dealerships are in business to make money or they would be quickly out of business. Dealerships also deal with the educated and uneducated consumer. Take a guess on who they make the most money from? So, which consumer do you want to be?

So what's the difference between the educated and the uneducated consumer? Simple, the educated consumer gathers their facts and figures before coming into the dealership. The days of driving from dealership to dealership are quickly fading. Educated consumers are time challenged and looking for convenient - One stop shopping.

So how do you become the educated? Get the dealerships to send you quotes by email, compare them and make them an offer. They are in business to sell autos!

Here's the 4 step plan:

1.) Submit your online application ONCE and get quotes from 5 different dealers (Convenience).

2.) Compare offers from the competing dealerships.

3.) Make your offer.

4.) Pick up your vehicle!

That's it!

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