Top 10 Reasons to Use a Payday Loan

Payday loans are an easy, but often overlooked, solution to your common financial tribulations. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you might want to consider researching, and applying for, an online payday loan.

1. Late Cell Phone Bill

Many people don't even have a house phone anymore. Perhaps your cell phone is your only means of communication with family, friends, or ever colleagues. Or, even worse, you might conduct all of your business via cell phone. If this is the case, it might be severely detrimental for your cell phone to be turned off. Even if it's a temporary disconnect I'm sure you don't want your clients to get a message saying, "I'm sorry, the number you have reached is unable to receive calls at this time." Everyone knows that means you have not paid your bill.

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2. You are late on your credit card payments

Most often credit card late fees are not dramatically high. However, the late fee combined with your accrued APR might cause you to surpass your credit limit which will add an additional charge to your bill. Not only can this add up quickly, but if you are more than 30 days late your debt will be turned over to credit collections and will cause a negative mark on your report.

3. Your car breaks down

If you are anything like me, you don't have many viable options for public transportation. My car is the only feasible choice for commuting to the office and when it goes, I'm stuck.

4. You are past due on utilities

This is pretty much self explanatory. If your electricity is about to be turned off due to delinquent payment, it's you seriously seek a cash advance. Not only will it prevent you from losing power, but it can help prevent a long mess of red tape when dealing with utilities in the future.

5. You need extra cash until your next paycheck

If your bills have tapped you out for the month, a payday loan will help you get to where you need to be until your next paycheck.

6. You have less than perfect credit

Payday loans are perfect for borrowers who don't have exemplary credit reports. The lenders typically don't require any sort of traditional credit checks. Normally the only requirements are that you are over 18, that you have a steady job, and that you have an open bank account.

7. You need money fast

Payday loans are often electronically deposited into your bank account the same day you apply. Because of this fast and easy process, they are desirable for anyone who needs emergency money immediately.

8. Family medical emergencies

Not everyone has a nest egg they can rely on to pay unforeseen emergencies. If you--or someone in your family--have a medical emergency that needs to be addressed right away, a payday loan can provide the money you need. Even if you have insurance, co-payments and deductibles can often compound creating large expenses that are difficult to afford.

9. You have a family emergency and need to travel

Imagine there is a death or other catastrophe in the family and you have to get out of town to help. If you are living on a tight budget it might be difficult to afford plane tickets. A payday loan can help make that possible and help you be there for your family in a time of need.

10. You are late on rent and are facing eviction

If you have fallen behind on your rent and can't seem to catch back up, a cash advance will give you the extra boost in finance needed to ensure you don't get evicted.

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