Sell My House Quick - Finding Buyers For Distressed Properties

Nearly every day someone calls me and says, "Can you sell my house quick?" The problem is real estate transactions aren't simple or quick; particularly if the seller owes more on their mortgage loan than the house is worth. In today's market there are more sellers than buyers. The days of having multiple buyers competing to purchase one property are a thing of the past.

Millions of homeowners need to sell their house quick in order to stop foreclosure. Others have failed out of bankruptcy because they were unable to adhere to their repayment plan. Some are facing divorce or have lost their spouse and can no longer afford to stay in their home. There's also a group of people who inherited real estate but don't have available funds to maintain the property until it is released from probate.

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If you are thinking, "I need to sell my house quick", then I encourage you to consider selling your home to a private real estate investor. This oftentimes overlooked resource can help you expedite the process and eliminate the need to hire a realtor.

Although the housing market is currently in a slump, investors are purchasing properties at breakneck speed. Housing prices have declined by as much as 50-percent in some cities, making real estate a lucrative investment.

Not only do investors pick up great bargains, they also provide distressed homeowners with the opportunity to make a fresh start. Many people are in dire financial straits. As unemployment rates continue to soar, people have to choose between making their house payment and placing food on the table.

Once homeowners fall two or more months behind on their mortgage, it becomes nearly impossible to catch up. Lenders typically initiate foreclosure proceedings once a homeowner misses two payments.

Most lenders are willing to work with homeowners who have become delinquent with their mortgage. If the borrower is able to cure arrearages in a short period of time, lenders can modify their loan to temporarily reduce or suspend mortgage payments.

If the borrower is unable to become current and does not possess the financial means to stay in their home, lenders can engage in a short sale. Using this type of real estate transaction lenders agree to accept less than is owed on the mortgage note.

Short sales require the homeowner to locate a buyer within a certain amount of time. Many investors seek out short sale properties because they are usually sold under market value. Prior to entering into a short sale it is imperative to determine if the lender will pursue you for the difference between the purchase price and loan amount.

Short sales might create a tax burden for the homeowner. However, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 allows taxpayers to exclude debt forgiven on their principal residence when the loan balance is $2 million or less.

Probate real estate refers to property owned by a person who has died. When real estate is transferred to probate the decedent's estate must pay for all expenses related to the property. This includes mortgage payments, taxes, utilities, repairs, maintenance and insurance. If the estate does not have sufficient funds, heirs are oftentimes forced to sell the house to eliminate financial burdens.

Regardless of the reason you may have for needing to sell your house quick consider working with a reputable real estate investor before placing your property on the market. Investors can be located via the Internet or through real estate referral networks.

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