Home Loan Modifications - Fraudulent Or Viable Solutions

Millions of people today are trying their best to keep their home from going into foreclosure. Many mortgage lenders prefer to offer a home loan modification to keep this from occurring. Though every lending institution has slightly varied requirements, most would need the following documentation for a home loan modification.

· Mortgage Statement - Each month, the mortgage lender would have sent you a statement, which confirms the delinquency of the loan, as well as loan number. In some instances, the monthly statement is used so anyone that signed on the original contract could be verified.

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· Second Mortgage Statement - If you have a second mortgage on the property, this lending institution would also provide you with a monthly statement to verify the same information as for the first home mortgage.

· Authorization to Release Information - Every lender is required to have this completed form, which states a lender handling the home modification loan has your authorization to work on your behalf.

· Hardship Letter - Lenders also require a signed hardship letter, which provides the reason that a modification loan is needed.

· W2s - You will need to provide the prior two years W2s so they can know your current income and identify any change in financial situation

· Proof of Income - For any signers on the mortgage loan, the lender of a home modification loan would need proof of income.

· Bank Statements - For your personal bank accounts, the lender would be needing the last three months, for all accounts. Information on the statements provides the lender with a detailed story of changes in deposits, daily balances, and liquid assets.

It is a fact that a home modification loan is not a really fun experience but starting by choosing a reputable company is the first step in reducing your daily stress level. The lender you choose should provide information and guidance and back each action taken toward finalizing the loan.

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