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There are many ways to eliminate debt fast and effectively without resorting to bankruptcy. One of the best methods is via the utilization of personal debt consolidation loans. These types of lending practices work very quickly and can immediately pay off all existent past due accounts on an individual's report. These lending solutions are fairly easy to get and rarely require a credit check for approval. There are some lending institutions that will require one to determine the rate of interest they will charge, not to mention if collateral or a down payment will be necessary. Few institutions that specialize in this type of lending will actively turn down an individual that has a provable source of steady income and a bank account in good standing.

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When an individual undergoes personal bill consolidation they have several options on how to use the money. Sometimes they do not receive the loan directly, however. In instances like this the company lending the money will negotiate with the creditors on an individual's account then directly pay them off on the borrower's behalf. Once this is complete and the borrower has received appropriate receipts and confirmations from the former creditors all of their bills are consolidated into one lump sum that must be paid back to the lender. This is not the most common form of consolidation action, however.

The most common consolidation type is a personal loan in an amount requested by the borrower. Typically this type of financial practice will be granted on a secured basis due to the number of people with poor credit histories that desire such a loan. Generally speaking, a secured loan of this type either requires collateral or a down payment on the loan. It may seem strange to pay a lender to have them lend money. However, this payment is generally applied to the first few months worth of repayments. As such it means the lender will have their first three to six months worth of payments in hand. This puts them a bit at ease in regards to lending as it shows the individual has at least a minimum capacity to repay the loan.

The most prolific consolidation loan practice involves paying off all previous debts at once. However, another common practice involves paying off the debts that are already in collection and simply paying up the outstanding payments on other accounts. This leaves the individual with more cash to work with temporarily and if this process is performed properly they can cut the number of payments they make a month down drastically and continually increase their credit rating by being seen as an individual that is in good standing several companies. This greatly improves a credit score.

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